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DJI Mini 2 X Urbaner: Drone as a companion

Those who are afraid of insects and birds will understand me. A few years ago, on a hot summer evening, I went out to meet my friends in park. Such urban style evenings are very suitable for Tbilisi and my mood accordingly was wonderful. I turned from the street to the entrance to the garden and suddenly I heard the sound of some abnormal buzz. For a second I imagined all the insects and birds that could fly over my head with such noise, panic almost completely overwhelmed me and I was almost ready to start to scream, suddenly STOP! This was a small, lovely, hybrid of my nightmares called - the drone.

Of course as soon as I arrived to friends I shared my story and it turned out that one of my friends was as he says an amateur, but as I think a real professional of drones. This is where my love for drones started. Since then, I have flown through the streets of Tbilisi more than once, and not only Tbilisi. I also crossed the borders of the city and discovered one thing. I have found that drones have completely changed our worldview, and moreover, drones have changed the way we see and perceive the world: how we decide what is important and how we reflect our reality with the help of these little and beloved 'creatures'.

"I was always interested in photography. I still remember some shots from my childhood, that I only have in my memory and I remember, how I dreamed of being able to save these shots somewhere. I was only 5 years old then and I had no idea, that I would make this childhood dream come true many years later for sure. "- laughs. "Taking photos with drones has become increasingly popular, and earlier this year, when we were all really bored because of Covid infection, my friend and I said, 'why not, let's try'. We got a few recommendations and after doing a little more research, we decided to buy the DJI Mini 2. The videos and photos above are my own. Despite my urban lifestyle, I love nature, space and all the colours that I find somewhere far away from the city with my already companion drone. Sometimes I feel like it's not drone flying, but me.. In short, it is adrenaline .. Those who 'fly' will understand what I'm saying. But for those who don't, my advise is to join our little 'pilots' club." - Giorgi.

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